Cotton Sewing Thread
Choose high-quality threads that closely match the weight and fiber content of your fabric for a durable and professional-looking finish. Cotton thread is a perfect complement to the 100% cotton fabric typically used for quilting. Remember—the lower the weight the heavier the thread; the higher the weight, the finer the thread.
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30 Weight Cotton Thread
Use 30 weight when you want to give more definition to your quilting stitches. This thicker thread works great for topstitching as it provides a dramatic accent. It also speeds up applique work because satin stitches fill in more quickly than with a lighter-weight thread.
30 weight solid thread 30 weight variegated thread
30 WT Solid Thread
30 WT Variegated Thread
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40 Weight Cotton Thread
This mid-weight thread is considered the “go-to” all-purpose thread for both machine and long-arm quilting. It easily glides through the thick layers of a quilt, but is still strong enough to secure the quilt sandwich. This thread washes and wears beautifully for years of durability.
40 weight solid thread 40 weight variegated thread
40 WT Solid Thread
40 WT Variegated Thread
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50 Weight Cotton Thread
Quilters who appreciate accuracy in piecing love this thinner thread which offers less bulk so seams lay flatter. Quilt blocks finish more true to size without needing to use a scant 1/4" seam allowance. It also works great for landscape quilts because the fine weight doesn't detract from the quilt design.
50 weight solid thread 50 weight variegated thread
50 WT Solid Thread
50 WT Variegated Thread
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