Rayon Embroidery Thread
This soft thread has a high luster which makes it ideal for embroidery and other embellishment. Choose a rayon thread designed for the use, whether it's embroidery or sewing delicate fabrics. Rayon produces smooth even stitches, and its wonderful sheen is equal to that of silk.
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40 Wt. Madeira
Rayon Thread
The embroiderer's #1 choice. Madeira embroidery thread is chosen by more professionals than any other brand. It's known worldwide for its strength, color, and luster.
40 Wt. Solid Rayon Thread 40 Wt. Variegated Rayon Thread
40 Wt. Madeira Special
Effects Rayon Thread
Both these unique thread options add interest and texture to your embroidery projects.

Potpourri Rayon Thread has multicolor flecks mixed within a solid color. These tiny breaks soften the color and add extra embellishment.

Melange Rayon Thread features two colors of thread that are twisted to produce a “tweed” look.
40 Wt. Potpourri Rayon Thread 40 Wt. Melange Rayon Thread
40 Wt. Rayon Value Packs Madeira. A global innovator in the sewing industry for over 100 years. Setting trends, setting standards.
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