Hint: Choose and prepare a quality blank
Solution: Prewash your blank using the same method that you’ll use for the finished project. This allows for natural shrinkage of the fabric to occur before you embellish. Not prewashing risks fabric shrinkage around your embroidery, creating wrinkles and puckers that cannot be removed. Prewashing also removes any excess dyes. In this example, Nancy has selected and prepared the Hemstitched Linen Table Runner.

Hint: Mark correct placement on your fabric
Solution: Mark the vertical and horizontal centers of the desired location on the item being embroidered. Use a water or air-erasable marking pen as appropriate for your fabric.

Hint: Select the images from your embroidery design collection
Solution: Choose designs you’d like to repeat on your project. Nancy picked a center emblem and scrolls from Classy Floral Crewelwork Embroidery Designs.

Hint: Hoop your fabric and stabilizer
Solution: Place your embroidery blank and stabilizer in a magnetic hoop, such as Snap Hoop. This makes for faster work because you can easily slide the fabric along the hoop as the embroidery progresses.

Hint: Print out your design to test placement
Solution: From your computer, print the design(s) you want to stitch on Translucent Foundation Paper. It’s see-through so you can view the design placement before sewing a single stitch.

Hint: Set up your embroidery machine for stitching
Solution: Put thread spools in the order they’ll be used for embroidery with the Stack ‘n Stitch Thread Tower. If you’ll be repeating a color, place an empty bobbin in the correct order on the tower as a reminder if you don’t want to use two separate spools.

…watch the video for more details and a demonstration.

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