Success with metallic thread starts with these 3 simple steps
Keep your thread from becoming a shredded mess. It's easier than you think to get perfect results when adding decorative details with metallic thread. Watch the video to discover the secrets.

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Discover the simple steps you can take to ensure success the first time—and every time—you sew with metallic thread.
  1. Use the right needle. Metallic sewing machine needles are designed with a longer eye and a slightly-rounded tip. This allows the thread some extra room during stitching and virtually eliminates shredding.

  2. Feed the thread off the spool correctly. Unwinding from the normal flat positon causes metallic thread to twist, which creates additional tension and can cause the thread to snap. Use a Horizontal Spool Feeder to keep your metallic thread upright so it comes off the spool straight and feeds into your machine more smoothly.

  3. Slow down! Sewing or embroidering at high speeds creates friction, and friction creates heat. Metal thread will weaken and snap more easily when it's warm. Set your machine at a slower speed, and you'll be amazed with your results.
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Horizontal Spool Feeder is no longer available. Use Wonder Thread Guide for worry-free and easy use of any thread type.
# 20920024
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Metallic threads turn an ordinary pillow into a “Wow” pillow
Jewel Metallic Embroidery Thread Pack
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Add stunning sparkle and dimension to your embroidery
Classic Metallic Embroidery Thread Pack
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Give a rich and elegant sheen to your projects
Madeira Heavy Metal Thread Pack
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This metallic thread holds up to tough wear and frequent washings
Soft Metallic Embroidery Thread Pack
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Metallic highlights for beautiful embroidered effects
Opal Metallic Embroidery Thread Pack
# 20928010
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Shimmery threads for extra special projects
# A6-14580
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Keep specialty threads stitching smoothly with your embroidery machine