Sew colorful woven coasters
Woven coasters make great gifts for bridal showers, birthdays, and party hostesses. You'll love the simplicity of these fabric woven coasters, and how easily you can change the look by varying your fabric choices.

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Discover how easy it is to create woven fabric coasters.

Choose precut 2-1/2" fabric strips and you're ready to get started on this simple project. Fabric strip packs give you a range of coordinating colors. Or, make the coasters scrappy by using fabric from your stash.
  1. Find the perfect stitching position for your machine using the Fasturn Perfect Tubes Guide and the Perfect Tube Tiger Eye. For this project, we recommend using the #5 Fasturn cylinder for 2-1/2" fabric strips.

  2. Insert fabric strips folded in half lengthwise, right sides together, into the Fasturn Perfect Tubes Guide. Sew 12 strips, 6 each of complementary or contrasting colors using a very narrow zigzag stitch (0-1mm width).

  3. Cut each strip into 7" lengths. Also cut your batting into 12 strips, 1/2" x 8", for stuffing the tubes.

  4. Thread one fabric strip onto the Fasturn cylinder. Press the seam open while it is on the tube. Insert the curled end of the Fasturn into the center of the cylinder and out the other end. Twist the wire until the hook pierces the fabric tube, then twist the hook through one end of a strip of batting. Pull the wire out of the cylinder and the batting is inserted into the fabric tube. Repeat with remaining 11 strips of fabric and batting.

  5. Arrange six of the stuffed tubes vertically, and six horizontally, weaving them under and over one another to achieve a uniform look. Pin outer edges together to hold in place.

  6. Use the square configuration by stitching along the outside edge of the final fabric strip on each of the four sides; trim to within 1/4" of your stitching line and bind outer edges using your favorite binding technique.

  7. Give your coaster a round shape by tracing the largest size of Circles Mix 'n Match Templates onto your coaster and marking the outer edge with a marking pen. Stitch on this line, then trim 1/4" away from your stitching line. Bind the outer edge using your favorite binding technique.

  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for remaining coasters. This pattern will make six coasters.
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