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Pocket Curve Template

by Nancy Zieman

Pocket Curve Template

Getting sharp, identically-shaped corners on a pocket used to be a chore. Achieve professional results on all your patch pocket treatments with this unique template which has four different corner shapes to match various pocket shapes. This notion simplifies the process of shaping and pressing Peter Pan collars and collar bands, too.

  1. Shaping pocket corners:
    • Match the template curve to the pocket shape.
    • Mold the seam allowances around the template.
    • Attach the template’s clip to hold the seam allowance in place.
    • Press the positioned corner.
    • To form an identical opposite corner, flip the template and repeat the process.
Pocket Curve Template
  1. Shaping and pressing Peter Pan collars:
    • Insert one of the template’s edges between the two layers of the stitched, trimmed, and turned collar. The template shape may not exactly match the collar curve, but can help force the seam to the collar's edge.
    • After pressing one collar section, move the template and continue molding and pressing around the edge.
Pocket Curve Template
  1. Shaping and pressing collar bands:
    • Determine which template edge matches the curve of the band. Place that edge on the band’s seamline.
    • If the shape does not align exactly, draw the new shape on the band, following the template's contour. Use the marked line as the stitching line.
    • Stitch along the marked line using 15-20 stitches per inch. Trim and grade the seam. Turn the band right side out.
    • Insert the template; press to achieve a precision shape.
Pocket Curve Template

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