Beginning Landscape Quilting

Program Description

Beginning Landscape QuiltingPart 1 (Program 2907: Uplinks Sept. 21, 2015 and Mar. 21, 2016)
Learn landscape quilting using this simplistic approach and easy techniques.
Nancy and her quilting mentor Natalie Sewell streamline the landscape quilting process using a beginner's prospective. Learn to use inspirational photos, choose fabric, and master messy and fussy cutting techniques. Create trees easily with raw-edge appliqué techniques and give them dimension with fabric markers or oil pastels.

Beginning Landscape QuiltingPart 2 (Program 2908: Uplinks Sept. 28, 2015 and Mar. 28, 2016)
Learn to create a garden scene in fabric with this easy landscape quilting process.
Natalie Sewell, landscape quilt artist, and Nancy create beautiful foliage, groundcover, and floral accents in their landscape quilt designs—learn the easy process in this program. Nancy and Natalie guide you in choosing fabric, cutting, clustering, highlighting, and adding dimension for beautiful detail in your quilt garden.

Beginning Landscape QuiltingPart 3 (Program 2909: Uplinks Oct. 5, 2015 and Apr. 4, 2016)
Spontaneous landscape quilting techniques are the secret to creating picturesque scenes.
Nancy and her quilting buddy Natalie Sewell have fine-tuned the process of landscape quilting. You'll learn to cut blooms, accents, and mountains creatively and enhance them easily with fabric, paint, or markers. Then, give life to your designs as you stipple, following the movement of the fabric with easy tips from Natalie and Nancy.