Bias Tape Makers

Bias Tape Makers

Nancy Zieman

Easily make bias binding to match any project. Use Bias Tape Makers—available in a variety of sizes—for sewing, quilting, and craft projects. Just slip a bias strip of fabric in one end of the Bias Tape Maker and pull the finished tape out as you press. An embellishment artist shouldn't be without one! Combine bias strips and appliqués to add interest to a garment.

As an example, to make 1/2" wide bias tape:

  1. Cut 1" (2.5 cm) bias strips of fabric.
  1. Use the 1/2" Bias Tape Maker (BTM12).
    • With wrong side of fabric up, insert the bias strip through the wide end of the 1/2" Bias Tape Maker.
    • Advance the fabric with a pin. Press the folded edges as they come out of the narrow end of the Tape Maker.
  1. Position the bias tape on your project with Basting Tape.
  1. Stitch the bias tape to the project. Try one of the following stitches:
    • Hand running stitch
Bias Tape Makers
    • Hand blanket stitch
Bias Tape Makers
    • Machine blanket stitch
Bias Tape Makers
    • Machine satin stitch
Bias Tape Makers
    • Pen stitch
Bias Tape Makers
Note: Before pen stitching, permanently fuse the tape to the project using Fus-O-Bond® or Liqui Fuse™ Liquid Fusible Web™. Then add pen stitching using the Pigma Micron Permanent Pen.

    • Bias tape can be used in numerous situations. Bias strips can be braided to form a rug, woven into garments, applied to unfinished edges, interwoven to form decorative trim, or used for various other creative effects.

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