Adding a Rod Pocket

by Nancy Zieman

In the excitement of finishing a quilt, it’s very easy to forget the important finishing step of adding a rod pocket. But taking a few minutes to add one will make your life much easier. Rod pockets make it simple to display your quilts without having to put nails or pins into the quilt, which could leave permanent holes. Adding a rod pocket before stitching the binding will result in a nicely finished quilt that hangs beautifully, and looks good from the front as well as the back!

Note: Add a rod pocket to your quilt before adding the binding.

  1. Prepare and attach the rod pocket.
    • Cut one 3" crosswise strip from excess backing fabric. Length should equal quilt width minus approximately 2".
    • Clean finish short ends of rectangle.

    • Press rod pocket in half, wrong sides together, meeting raw edges.

    • Center rod pocket on back of quilt, aligning top cut edges. Baste in place.

    • Bind quilt edges, using your favorite binding technique.
    • Roll back folded edge of rod pocket 1/4"-1/2", exposing “back side” of rod pocket. Finger press. Pin finger pressed fold to backing fabric.
  2. Hand stitch along pinned fold, catching only a single layer of fabric.

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