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Beginning Landscape Quilt Book and DVD

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Nancy and guest Natalie Sewell demonstrate how easy it is to create landscapes by streamlining the process and presenting from a beginner's perspective. There's no reason to be intimidated; start making works of art with this fun and relaxing pastime.
Select your own photograph and fabrics and let Nancy and Natalie teach you the user-friendly techniques to add dimension and detail to your landscape project. The methods for anything from tree branches to ground cover are broken down into easily digestible steps, so you don't have to be afraid.
Watch as this powerhouse team of women shows you how to select fabrics, create perspective, and add further detail with marker and other embellishments.
Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell show you how to create beautiful landscape quilts by simplifying the design process and presenting from a beginner's perspective

Beginning Landscape Quilting Book

  • Take a simple step-by-step approach to landscape quilting as Nancy and Natalie guide you through eight wall hangings ideal for a beginner
  • You don't need templates, patterns, or many tools—select your own photograph, fabrics, and a few sewing basics and let Nancy and Natalie teach you their favorite user friendly techniques
  • Use fabric as paint, and your scissor as your paintbrush to capture nature in a wall hanging
  • Learn to make dramatic trees with an easy raw-edge applique technique
  • Create simple foliage with a new simplified design process for landscape quilting
  • Learn to create trees, leaves, ground cover, flowers, and more for all four seasons by simply choosing motifs from landscape fabrics
  • Topics and techniques include:
    • Selecting photos and using to assessing scale, texture, hue, and depth in landscape quilts
    • Review of basic supplies
    • Fabric selection to give dimension, depth, and texture
    • Easy "messy" to "fussy" cutting techniques to cut out landscape fabric motifs for just the right look
    • Enhancing fabrics with fabric markers or paint for shading and detail
    • Simple gluing of landscape elements to the background fabric
    • Essential finishing steps, including squaring the quilt top, adding borders, layering, fear free free-motion quilting, binding the quilt, and more
  • The eight projects include:
    • Old Friends (summer scene):
      • Learn how create summer trees with depth and shape, add realistic branches, and how to improvise when you can't find the exact leaf fabric
    • October Evening (fall scene):
      • Learn almost all the techniques of landscape quilting creating a quilt featuring only four fabrics
    • Summer Flowers (garden scene):
      • A great beginner project for creating a close-up garden scene; learn to simplify the process and master tried and true techniques
    • Dancing Maple (trees with ground cover):
      • Discover tricks for choosing fabric and designing interesting ground cover for depth and dimension
    • Autumn Birches (trees with dimension):
      • Learn the importance of scale in fabric prints and the importance of "messy" cutting to give the impression of distant trees
    • River Birch Trees in Snow (winter scene):
      • Discover how to showcase the stark contrast between snow and winter trees and learn several options for snow-covered ground
    • Prairie (prairie scene):
      • Learn to create distant and close up trees and foliage, the importance of scale of flowers, and additional floral pointers
    • Rocky Mountain Summer (mountain scene):
      • A lesson in how to recreate great distance with fabric, fabric markers, and oil pastels
  • Full color photographs
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Book features double-wire binding so pages lay flat when open—no more struggling to keep your page from turning or bending; plus it's now easier to keep your book right next to you as you work
  • Soft cover, 32 page book by Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell

Beginning Landscape Quilting DVD

  • Nancy and guest Natalie Sewell demonstrate how easy it is to create works of art by streamlining the process and presenting landscape quilting from a beginner's perspective
  • Part 1: Create seasonal scenes for fall, winter and summer
    • Identifying the best inspirational photos
    • View fabric selections and how they would work on a landscape quilt
    • Choosing background and motif fabrics to enhance the chosen scene
    • Creating trees, branches, and leaves for various seasons
    • "Fussy" and "messy" cutting techniques to creating texture
    • Making foreground trees by simply cutting and gluing
    • Creating dimension by adding branches and leaves
    • Adding shading with the use of markers
    • Nancy's Corner Segment 1 features Deanna Waltz, thread artist
      • Deanna shares how she pays homage to the past with her amazing handiwork in Redwork quilts displayed at the Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Part 2: Creating floral beds, ground cover and foliage scenes
    • Review of fabric selection and how fabrics may work with landscape quilting
    • The importance of scale in the fabric
    • Shaping and preparing various foliage from gardens to trees
    • Choosing floral and non-floral fabrics, modifying the size and style of a bloom, cutting, and gluing
    • Cutting technique for distant and close-up foliage
    • Adding tree parts like branches by using fabrics or highlighting them in with markers
    • Nancy's Corner Segment 2 features Catrina Sparkman—playwright, novelist and quilter
      • Catrina tells a unique story of a modern-day quilting bee that brought six strangers together and how they learned new techniques while sharing history and love of family
  • Part 3: Focus on specific elements within scenes
    • Creating a mountain scene
    • Determine ratio of ground to sky
    • Using different shades of fabric to create distance
    • Selecting and cutting mountain fabric, and shading to create distance and add snow
    • Finishing landscape quilts
      • Free-motion quilting the finished quilt to secure layers and give the quilt texture and personality
    • Nancy's Corner Segment 3 features Bob Freund, of Mexican Indigenous Textile Project
      • Bob relays his mission to preserve endangered textiles of Mexico's indigenous people
  • Runtime: 75 minutes
  • Closed captioning for the hearing impaired
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