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Change-Up Patchwork

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Create contemporary designs by simply altering color and size

Nine quilt designs based on the traditional 4-patch, 9-patch and square within a square, made new with a little creative flair. Learn Nancy's speedy-and-easy process of using strips and straight stitching to make a variety of modern patchwork quilts and table runners. Use Nancy's method to create additional designs with graph paper. Turn to the front of the book for recommended supplies, tools and tips on basic quilting techniques such as cutting fabric strips, stitching and pressing strips.

Change-Up Patchwork Book

  • Use simple 4-patch, 9-patch, or square blocks, and then change up the block sizes, arrangements, and colors to achieve nine contemporary Change-Up Patchwork projects
  • The quilts in this book are super easy to complete—Nancy has done the math for you and provides all fabric yardage, cutting and layout directions as well as streamlined piecing, quilting and binding directions
  • All of the blocks are created using simple-to-sew fabric strip segments, or "stratas", which makes the cutting and sewing process quick and easy
  • Become a quilt designer with Nancy's graph paper block options technique to create quilt designs of your own—it's a simple method using graph paper and colored pencils that easily allows you to adjust block sizes, helps you create the custom "stratas", allows you to audition color combinations, and to view what the block will look like when completed
  • Quilt designs based on the traditional 4-patch, 9-patch, and square within a square with a little creative flair
  • Features ideal projects for quilting newbies and offer a fresh new approach for quilting enthusiasts
  • Offers quilt options for individuals new to quilting or wants to refresh your skills, turn to the front of the book for recommended supplies and tools and basic quilting techniques such as cutting fabric strips, stitching and pressing strips
  • Vintage…streamlined…modern—with characteristics such as these, the Change-Up Patchwork method will no doubt soon become your go-to form of patchwork
  • Features creative options tips and notes from Nancy throughout for even more quilt possibilities and streamlined techniques
  • Nine Change-Up projects include:
    • Can-Do 4-Patch Quilt
    • Spinning 4-Patch Quilt
    • High/Low 4-Patch Table Runner
    • Scrappy Squares
    • Scattered Squares Table Runner
    • Flip Flopped Rectangles Quilt
    • Camouflaged 9-Patch Quilt
    • 7-Patch Weave Quilt
    • Vintage 9-Patch Quilt
  • Full color photographs and illustrations
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Book features double-wire binding so pages lay flat when open—no more struggling to keep your page from turning or bending; plus it's now easier to keep your book right next to you as you work
  • Soft cover, 48 page book by Nancy Zieman

Change-Up Patch work DVD

  • Nancy changes the arrangements, sizes, and colors of traditional blocks to create nine contemporary change-up patchwork projects
  • Patchwork quilts start with simple-to-sew fabric strip segments, or "stratas", which makes the cutting and sewing process quick and easy
  • Nancy explains the speedy and easy process for straight stitching to make a variety of modern patchwork quilts
  • Nancy starts this mini-series with a basic quilt block, the time-honored 4-patch design, then the square within a square quilt block, and completes the series with the traditional 9-patch design
  • Patchwork quilts are ideal projects for quilting newbies and fresh concepts for quilting enthusiasts
  • Part 1: Nancy creates different quilt designs from a 4-patch block by changing dimensions and color—the results are dramatic, yet the sewing techniques are the same
    • Using easy "strata" techniques for block making
    • Easily adjusting block sizes of the 4-patch design
    • Can-Do 4-patch Quilt—creating a quilt featuring one block style in three different sizes
    • Spinning 4-patch Quilt—tweaking 4-patch blocks for an illusion of movement
    • High/Low 4-Patch Table Runner—changing the "strata" strip size of a 4-patch block for a totally different look
    • Nancy's Corner Segment 1 features Jill Gorske, National Button Society
      • Bitten by the button bug, Jill shares her passion for buttons and her journey in starting a web site, Jillions of Buttons, as an innocent extension of her love for all things crafty
  • Part 2: Nancy starts with the traditional way to make the square within a square quilt block. Then by varying the fabric sizes give the block some creative options and movement. So, by varying the length of the fabric pieces to stitch a rectangle within a rectangle a modern floating rectangle block is created. All the blocks and quilts are made with Nancy's signature streamline quilting techniques
    • Scrappy Squares Quilt—making an eye-catching quilt from square within a square quilt blocks and leftover fabrics
    • Scattered Squares Table Runner—mixing and matching four different square within a square block configurations to create a conversation piece
    • Flip Flopped Rectangles Quilt—replacing a square with a rectangle creating a quilt with elongated blocks
    • Nancy's Corner Segment 2 features Shelly Zegart, cofounder of The Kentucky Quilt Project, Inc. and the Quilt Alliance
      • Shelly relays how women's achievements are documented in history thanks to the International Honor Quilt Collection—540 "stories" in one magnificent quilt created from 540 two foot triangles made by individuals or groups
  • Part 3: Nancy shows the basics to stitching the traditional, versatile 9-patch block. Then she details how to take a fresh approach toward assembling blocks. Modifying the size of the fabric strips, use fabric scraps to make a vintage quilt, or change the color to provide a more artistic look
    • Vintage 9-patch Quilt—achieving a vintage look with ease, incorporating clever strip cutting techniques
    • Camouflaged 9-patch Quilt—designing large 12" camouflaged 9-patch blocks for an easy "tummy time" quilt
    • 7-Patch Weave Quilt—modifying a 9-patch block to create a 7-patch block, and then using a clever block layout for an impressive woven illusion
    • Nancy's Corner Segment 3 features Peggy Gelbrich, Coffee Creek Correctional Quilters
      • Peggy tells of quilting classes being offered at a correctional institution and the amazing life lessons learned. Inmates have hands on experience creating three quilts, two quilts to be donated and one to be kept or given to a loved one, learning patience and problem solving resulting in self-esteem and growth
  • Runtime: 75 minutes
  • Closed captioning for the hearing impaired
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