Deluxe Walking Foot

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Sewing and quilting enthusiasts should not be without the Deluxe Walking Foot. 

  • Fabric layers feed evenly and won't shift 
  • Make the edges of a seam meet perfectly
  • Improves matching of plaids and stripes
  • This specialty presser foot is great for even stitching of napped fabrics such as velvet and corduroy
  • Quilt multiple layers without shifting
  • Here's how:
    • A conventional presser foot pushes the top layer of fabric, while the feed dogs bite and feed the bottom layer as you stitch
    • When you're sewing multiple fabric layers, you want them to move through the machine at the same rate
    • Teeth on the bottom of a walking foot firmly feed the top fabric precisely as feed dogs move the bottom layer
  • To use:
    • The Walking Foot C-clamp that fits over the needle bar
    • A Grip Pad with a slightly textured underside fits within the die-cut openings of the foot
    • As the needle goes up, the Grip Pad goes down, securely holding the fabric as it advances under the foot
    • There is no shifting; layers feed evenly
  • Stitch: straight or zigzag
  • Includes instructions and a quilting guide bar that allows you to evenely space multiple rows of stitching 
  • Shank height: low
  • Exception: Does not fit any Bernina or Viking machine
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