Fiskars DIY Precision Tool Set

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A modern DIYer should have high-quality tools for impressive handmade results. Perfect for your DIY needs, the Fiskars DIY Precision Tool Set will come in handy when you're working on your next project.

Set includes:

  • Fiskars DIY Precision Hammer
    • Features a forged steel head for ultimate strength and durability
    • Has a dual, non-slip grip zones with two different hand positions to fit the way you work
    • Its handle flare helps prevent slippage while striking
  • Fiskars DIY Precision Nail Starter
    • Equipped with a handle that protects fingers by removing them from the striking zone when using a hammer
    • Provides a striking platform for straight drives, ensuring precise results every time
    • Works with a range of standard nail sizes 
  • Fiskars DIY Precision Hand Drill
    • Equipped with features that make it easy to use
    • Offers a cord-free, manual-powered design for precise, hassle-free holes
    • Powerful enough to drill through dry wall, woods, laminate and more
    • Has a hand-operated crank that allows for much more precise, controlled power
  • Fiskars DIY Precision 6-in-1 Screwdriver
    • Has a free-rotating handle that leverages your strength to drive in screws with downward force
    • Its quick-flip mechanism makes it easy to change heads
    • Comes with four convenient screwdriver heads, as well as two integrated hex ends all built into the shaft
  • Fiskars DIY Precision Needlenose Pliers
    • A needle-nose tip with textured teeth lets you reach into tight spaces for even more detailed, precise jobs
    • Includes wire cutter
    • Its spring-action design helps reduce hand fatigue
  • Fiskars DIY Precision Staple Gun
    • Powerful, yet compact so you can get into tight spaces
    • Staples DIY materials such as fabric, canvas, wood, and more
    • Compatible with a range of heavy-duty staples that are easy to replace
  • Fiskars DIY Precision Staples
    • Easy to replace and are for use with the powerful Fiskars DIY Precision Staple Gun
    • Heavy-duty; 8mm staples
    • 1000 count 
  • Fiskars DIY Precision Hand Saw
    • Features a thin triple-ground blade that glides through material for controlled and precise cuts
    • Capable of sawing through wood, cardboard, dowels, and more
    • It's compact and portable
    • Has a secured, protective sheath with measurements
    • The blades are easily replaceable 
  • Fiskars DIY Precision Wire Cutter 
    • Has a sharp, angled edge that allows for precise cuts on thicker wire 
    • Its spring-action design helps reduce hand fatigue
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