How to Sew Art

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The techniques are easier than you think. With thorough instructions from the award-winning fabric artist, Tammie Bowser, plus the included online video course and software trial, this artistic process is so easy even a beginner can do it.

Learn how to:

  • Choose the perfect image
  • Use photo software to edit, crop, and contour pixels
  • Evaluate and select your fabric
  • Turn a digital image from your camera into a pattern
  • Print and tile the pattern
  • Create a layered fusible foundation for your quilt
  • Trace pattern pieces and cut out fabrics
  • Use thread like a paintbrush to add texture and dimension

How to Sew Art Book

  • With full color photographs and illustrations, you'll learn the basics for photography quilting in no time. The 104-page book includes step-by-step tutorials with screenshots of the software process, finishing instructions, plus information on how to make a profit selling your stitched art, and how to become an artist just like Tammie.
  • Learn how to:
    • Choose the perfect image
    • Evaluate and select your fabric
    • Use Tammie's award winning Contoured Pixel Technique using software to create an art quilt pattern
    • Create a fusible foundation for art quilts
    • Trace pattern pieces/cut out fabrics
    • Stitch thread to add texture by using thread like it's a paint brush
    • Finishing your masterpiece with borders, traditional binding, or a modern invisible binding
    • Plus, learn how to make a profit selling your stitched art
  • Each book comes with a free online video course to guide you and a free 7-day trial of Quilted Photo Deluxe software
  • Full color photographs and illustrations
  • Soft cover; 104 pages; by Tammie Bowser

How to Sew Art DVD

  • Seeing is believing. This DVD is an essential visual resource for quickly mastering the one-of-a-kind art of photography quilting. Nancy and Tammie Bowser demonstrate Tammie's award-winning Contoured Pixel Technique and show how you can easily make showroom-worthy quilts in your own home.
  • Part 1: Discover the core concepts that make sewing quilted art simple
    • Selecting the perfect digital image for an art quilt
    • Using photo software to edit, crop, and contour pixels
    • Turning a digital image from your camera into a pattern
    • Printing and tiling the photo pattern
    • Creating a layered fusible foundation for the art quilt
    • Selecting, evaluating, and auditioning fabrics to determine a light to dark sequence
    • Nancy's Corner Segment 1 features Marie Bostwick, novelist
      • Marie shares how she combined quilting, storytelling, and small town life to become a New York Times bestselling author
  • Part 2: Watch the magic happen during assembly
    • A recap of core concepts taught in Part 1
    • Swatching and labeling fabric
    • Tracing pattern pieces and cutting out fabrics
    • Fusing the fabric pieces to the fusible foundation
    • Auditioning thread, and using stippling techniques to add texture
    • Nancy's Corner Segment Marc Revernson, aka Lil' Rev, folk singer
      • Lil' Rev returns to share a new and special song for those who sew and quilt
    • Runtime: 50 minutes
    • Closed captioning for the hearing impaired

Artist Information:
Tammie Bowser is the original creator of "quilted photography"—a technique of transforming treasured photos into breathtaking artworks. With decades of sewing experience under her belt, Tammie turned to quilting after being inspired by the great Eleanor Burns. Though her projects are intricate and impressive, Tammie's mission is "to make sure quilting remains fun, fast, and affordable." Giving tutorials both in person and on television has made quilted photography grow in popularity by leaps and bound, and when paired with the intuitive software, her methods are astonishingly easy to use.

Table of Contents:

  • Dedication
  • Becoming an artist
  • A note to the reader
  • Chapter 1- How to use fabric like its paint
    • Color vs. value
    • Using color to create impact
    • Color value is the key to success
  • Chapter 2- Pixels are magic
    • What is a pixel?
    • What are magic contoured pixels?
  • Chapter 3- Success secret #1- Pick a good subject
    • Choosing an image
    • Taking better photographs
    • Nature and other objects
    • Flowers
    • Portraits
    • Free contoured pixel pattern
    • How to make magical contoured pixel patterns
  • Chapter 4- Success secret #2 - Choose great fabric
    • Selecting your color palette
    • An easy way to choose colors
    • Prints, patterns or hand dyes?
    • Pay attention to scale
    • Notice the contrast of scale
    • Organizing your palette
    • Example of a great fabric palette
  • Chapter 5- Success secret #3 - The magic contoured technique
    • Things you'll need
    • Make your own sticky web
    • Putting it together
  • Chapter 6- Success secret #4 - Use thread like a paint brush
    • The stitching adds texture
    • What thread to use?
    • Free motion
    • "Doodlemotion" stitching
    • How to add embellishments
    • How to stitch the details
    • How to sew your signature
  • Chapter 7- Finishing your masterpiece
    • Trimming the edges
    • How to add a border
    • How to add a traditional binding
    • How to add a modern invisible binding
    • How to add a display sleeve
  • Chapter 8- Making a profit
    • Selling your stitched art
    • Who is your client?
    • Setting your prices
    • Promoting your work
    • Other ways to profit
    • Last minute suggestions
  • Gallery of Contoured Pixel art
  • Conclusion
  • How to claim your free video course
  • Check list of core concepts, rules and success secrets
  • Catalog
  • About author
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