Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons Book with Embroidery Tools and DVD

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Discover the ins and outs of embroidery from the embroidery industry's leading expert, Eileen Roche.

  • Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons Book with Tools (MEB0010)
    • Learn to avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes that can ruin an embroidery project
    • Eileen demystifies embroidery by breaking the process down into easy to follow lessons including many useful tips and techniques
    • Book includes 4 essential tools: angle finder, centering ruler, target ruler, and target stickers
    • Six easy to follow lessons include:
      • Beginning basics covers the top six machine features required to make machine embroidery possible and basic supplies needed
      • Embroidery designs lesson helps you understand the basic elements of every embroidery design to assist in the selection of stabilizers and fabrics
      • Placement lesson covers techniques for perfect placement on common projects
      • Hooping lesson discusses different hooping techniques and tools for a perfect embroidery design
      • Stitching lesson covers some fine-tuning items that should be done just prior to stitching out the design
      • Finishing, the final lesson, includes critiquing, trimming threads, removing the stabilizer, and pressing
    • Full color photographs and illustrations
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Soft cover, 64 page book by Eileen Roche
    • Essential tools:
      • Angle Finder: Determines the exact rotation necessary for any design to be stitched accurately in the hoop
      • Centering Ruler: 12" ruler measures left and right from the center to easily locate the center of any area in the hoop
      • Target Ruler: 6" x 6" ruler measures from the center out (in four directions) with an open hole at the center to place a target sticker
      • Target stickers: Sheet of pressure-sensitive adhesive stickers with cross-hairs for hoop alignment; 15 round (3/4" diameter), and 5 text (3/4" x 4)
  • Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons DVD (SN2620)
    • In the companion Sewing With Nancy video, Eileen and Nancy share their embroidery expertise with you on key learning points that are the foundation of embroidery
    • Part 1: In the first episode, Nancy and Eileen Roche discuss the first three easy lessons for machine embroidery
      • Lesson one: beginning basics provides necessary information on the top six machine features to look for in an embroidery machine and using appropriate stabilizers
      • Lesson two: embroidery designs enlightens embroiderers to the differences in types and categories of designs
      • Lesson three: placement discusses using design templates and positioning aides to enable embroiderers to get the design to stitch in a precise location, as well as embroidery blanks
      • Nancy's Corner Segment 1 features Gretchen Hudock
        • Gretchen is a professional reorganizer helping creative people spring clean all year round. She helps a quilter reorganize her sewing area
    • Part 2: In the second episode, Nancy and Eileen conclude their machine embroidery lessons with four through six
      • Lesson four: hooping provides information on different hoops, tools, and techniques that assist with the hooping process, as well as how to hoop the fabric and stabilizer
      • Lesson five: stitching covers final adjustments to make just before stitching out the embroidery design and fixing mishaps
      • Lesson six: finishing discusses simple yet important steps to follow after your design is complete, both before and after removing the hoop
      • Nancy's Corner Segment 2 features Dr. Michele David, of Creole Creations
        • Dr. David, a physician, prescribed quilting as part of the healing process for herself. She overcame a debilitating illness with the help of therapeutic process of working with color, fabric, and thread
      • Bonus feature: One technique not shown on TV, discover how to get accurate hooping with ease using the Hoop Dock and PAL2 Laser Crosshair Lamp
    • Runtime: 53 minutes
    • Closed captioning for the hearing impaired
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