Madeira Metallic Sampler Thread Pack

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Add a bit of magic to your projects with the Madeira Metallic Sampler Pack. This pack offers a precious selection of sparkling gold colors of metallic thread that comes to life with flashes of sparkle. 

  • Includes six spools of gold tone metallic threads, a beautiful collection no matter what you're sewing, quilting or embroidering
  • This variety lets you create special effects with smooth metallic lustrous results or textured with a glitter effect
  • Durable enough for home decor, from table runners to accented throw pillows, yet soft enough to add sparkle to your most elegant evening wear
  • These threads go through a revolutionary process that bonds a shimmery foil wrap to a thread core, creating a strong 2 ply metallic thread that is the sturdiest you can buy
  • Features six 220 yd. spools--40,000 stitches per spool to produce an average of 40 designs
  • This handy pack of thread includes smooth metallic and slightly textured metallic thread:
    • Smooth metallic:
      • Four spools
      • Smooth metallic gives a rich and elegant sheen to your projects
      • The smooth finish catches light in a lustrous glow
      • Smooth touch and strong performance thanks to a new twist construction
      • The core is wrapped by a narrow-metalized foil that reduces the metalized percentage to only 25% resulting in smoother stitching
    • Slightly textured metallic:
      • 2 spools
      • Madeira's exclusive "effect" thread used by famous designers and fashion houses everywhere
      • Its unique twist construction produces embroideries with a brilliant, luxurious and unique appearance which will impress everyone who sees it
      • Adds sparkle, glitter and a unique textured effect and dimension
  • 40 wt./ 2 ply metallic threads, viscose/metallic blends
  • Thread locking spools with double locking end caps to keep thread neat and tidy
  • Madeira metallic threads run smoothly and problem-free on all household embroidery and sewing machines due to their special twist construction
  • The high percentage of metallized foil adds sparkle and glitter to the thread and produces just the right amount to elasticity during embroidery
  • Comes packaged in a 100 years celebration thread box

Six colors, one spool of each:

  • 984214 Bright Gold 4 Smooth
  • 9842304 Gold Nugget Smooth
  • 9842324 Antique Gold Smooth
  • 9842326 Sultan Gold Smooth
  • 984222 White Gold Textured
  • 984225 Gold Textured
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