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  • Nobody knows how to teach exciting and easy modern quilt making better than Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. They wrote the first book on modern quilting, and now their back with fresh, fun, and inventive magical quilts.
  • Distinctive and modern, these creative quilts are made stress-free using this easy-to-master improvisational quilting technique. And perhaps best of all, you'll learn tips and techniques that can be applied to all your quilted projects, including fabric color confidence, how to achieve accurate seams, and more.

Magic Inch Book

  • Learn easy yet accurate fabric cutting tips and simple piecing techniques that will delight beginner and veteran quilters alike
  • Gain color confidence while you explore the concepts of contrast, value and color relationships of fabrics
  • Savor tips on how to make your piecing techniques more precise
  • Learn how to be more creative with tips on color, design and composition
  • Utilize treasured fabrics or use up scraps learn innovative uses of solids and prints
  • Create fun, stress-free quilts with an improvisational piecing strategy that will have you making design decisions as you go
  • Includes five original quilts and design inspiration:
    • Chorus Line Quilt Wall hanging - 40" x 50"
    • Splice of Life Quilt - 95" x 103"
    • Whiskers Napping Quilt -51" x 75"
    • Pickup Sticks Napping Quilt -52" x 78"
    • Local Hero Quilt -51" x 76"
  • Full color photographs and illustrations
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Soft cover, 25 page book by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr

Magic Inch Quilts DVD

  • Discover the "Magic Inch" quilting approach--a new and novel technique for piecing small 1" strips into a background fabric for maximum impact
  • Guests Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio join Nancy Zieman to demonstrate how to create custom quilt designs of your own with a modern flair
  • Working in rows, columns and blocks, be inspired to create custom quilts using simple cuts and easy-to-master piecing that can be adapted to any size
  • Learn how to select fabrics and the need for contrast of value or hue
  • Discover a cutting mat trick to splice blocks effortlessly, yet with precision, block after block
  • Get evenly pieced blocks with an easy cut edge matching technique
  • Cut and sew assembly style without fear of mixing up block sections using a clever tip that utilizes pins
  • Learn the carefree way to begin a quilting project with an overall plan but make individual design decisions as you go, as opposed to having a specific design
  • Part 1:
    • Magic Inch Principle Technique: Create quilts by adding small strips of color by splicing background fabric and piecing 1" foreground fabric strips into the background
    • Piecing of fabric strips: See the difference between accurate/inaccurate seam allowances, and how to achieve accurate seams
    • Layout of fabric strips: Learn tips for distribution of fabric colors and discussions on the movement of a quilt
    • Chorus Line Quilt: Relish in this scrap buster beauty made in rows using variety of strips randomly pieced into a tonal background
    • Splice of Life Quilt: See just how fun and fast this queen size quilt is to make using two colors and working in easy carefree columns
    • Nancy's Corner features Fraser Smith, master wood carver
      • Fraser relays his passion for creating amazing intricately detailed realistic quilt sculptures from wood
  • Part 2:
    • Whiskers Quilt: Enjoy a new twist to the square-in-a-square block featuring a trio of eye-catching strips
    • Pickup Sticks Quilt: Learn the secret to for an easy illusion quilt of colorful "sticks" that appear to be laying on top one another
    • Local Hero Quilt: Make this red, white, and blue lap quilt twice as fast by creating two blocks from one pieced block
    • Nancy's Corner features Wendy Mamattah, African Art Quilter
      • Wendy shares how she immersed herself in the culture of her homeland, Ghana, to create mesmerizing art quilts with perspective and vibrancy
  • 50 minute run time
  • Closed captioning for the hearing impaired
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