Rope Sewing Reinvented Starter Kit

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Create sleek home decor and accessories in a quick and easy way. This exclusive, beginner-friendly rope sewing reinvented kit includes what you need to spark your creativity. 

Starter kit includes:

  • Rope Sewing Reinvented Book with DVD
  • Clothesline Rope
  • Topstitching Needles Size 100
  • Leather Needles Assortment
  • Wonder Clips
  • Stiletto

*Rope Sewing Reinvented Book with DVD

  • Nancy Zieman with guest Lindsey Zinno show six home decor and accessory projects made with cotton rope and thread.
  • All-purpose thread in your choice of color or colors is perfectly highlighted against the sleek neutral tone of the cotton clothesline
  • This modern, minimalist approach results in sophisticated looking accessories that are simple to make and a delight to enjoy
  • Projects include: Coasters, Mini-dish, Oval Tray, Bucket Tote, Everyday Bag, and Lidded Basket (included as a bonus) 
  • The companion DVD highlights
    • Part 1: Explanation of how rope sewing is reinvented - from days of cutting and wrapping fabric around rope before sewing to this new, minimalist approach that is sleek, stylish, and modern
      • Demonstration of techniques - forming round and oval bases, changing thread, splicing rope, making confetti accents, shaping sides, and incorporating handles
        • Coasters
        • Mini-dish
        • Oval Tray
    • Nancy's Corner features Beth Helfter of Teal Mini Swap
      • Often the color teal is the designated color when creating awareness of Ovarian Cancer. "Teal Mini Swap" program is to raise funds for research and give quilters an opportunity to share quilting projects
  • Part 2: Explanation of the style of rope sewing. Sleek, structural, modern-looking home décor and accessories made with all-purpose thread and simple cotton rope
    • Demonstration of techniques - forming round and oval bases, changing thread, splicing rope, making confetti accents, shaping sides, and incorporating straps
      • Bucket Tote
      • Everyday Bag
    • Nancy's Corner features Laura Murray of Laura Murray Designs
      • Laura is a surface designer who loves to enhance cloth with color and pattern to create one-of-a-kind fabrics, quilts and wearable art
      • Laura creates these intricate quilt and fabric designs by transferring a stamp design to fabric with Paintstiks
  • DVD has 50 minute run time
  • Has closed captioning for the hearing impaired

*Clothesline Rope

  • One package
  • Used for crafts and laundry
  • Measures 3/16 x 100 ft. per pack
  • 60% Polypropylene/40% Cotton

*Topstitching Needles Size 100

  • Extra-large, elongated eye and groove accommodate thick topstitching thread or two regular threads.
  • Needles fit any front-to-back threaded machine.

*Leather Needles Assortment

  • Leather needles have a cutting point and are ideal for sewing leather suedes and other difficult to sew projects
  • Leather needles are often called chisel point needles because the point resembles and acts as a chisel in motion
  • Sharp, wedge point to penetrate leather easily
  • Fits any front to back threading machine

*Wonder Clips

  • Easy to pinch open; no finger pricks
  • Clip opens wide to hold multiple layers of fabrics. For example, use as binding clips for quilt bindings
  • Strong enough to hold layered sections in place, for example piping or handles for bags
  • No pin holes when working with vinyl or pile fabric
  • Red top makes them easy to see on your work station; easy to find if dropped on the floor


  • Use this tool to guide fabric and decorative trim under the presser foot and to lay ribbon flat for silk ribbon embroidery.
  • Use the strong, sharp metal shaft as an awl for punching holes
  • 2-1/8" metal shaft
  • 3-1/8" round white plastic handle
  • Comes with a plastic safety cover
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