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Don't let appearances fool you. You'll soon produce even gathers and pleats while creating accents for your home or wearable art

  • The Ruffler Foot is a real timesaver when making anything with ruffles
  • Customize the look and feel of your ruffles or tucks:
    • The Pleat Fullness Lever can be set to gather every stitch, every sixth stitch, or every twelfth stitch, depending on desired fullness
    • The pleat depth screw regulates a spring that determines how deep each pleat is: tighten it for deeper ruffles; loosen it for shallower ruffles
    • Changing the stitch length also affects the amount of fullness in the ruffle: the shorter the stitch length, the closer together the ruffles
  • How to securely attach the Ruffler Foot:
    • Raise the needle bar to the highest position
    • Attach the foot to the machine, placing the fork arm over the sewing machine's needle clamp screw
  • Helpful Hint: When using the Ruffler Foot, check periodically to ensure that the sewing machine needle is tightly secured
    • Since the foot is attached to the needle bar, it is easy for the screw securing the needle to loosen
    • Retighten the screw as necessary
  • Includes instructions
  • Stitch: straight
  • Shank height: low
  • We prefer to use this foot on mid-line to lower-line sewing machine models, rather than on computerized sewing machines.
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