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by Nancy Zieman

A serger complements your sewing machine with enhanced speed, neatness, and creativity. From eliminating raveling seams to creating easy embellishments, a serger is a great addition to your sewing studio! Become acquainted with the serging machine, discover what a serger can do, learn the types of stitches and their uses, plus find inspiration from the 18 included projects. This 72 minute DVD includes additional information on a pillow project. The pillow features a zipper, ruffles, and piping&#8212all amazingly done on a serger! Whether you're a novice or experienced serger, this is an excellent resource and creativity guide.

Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired.

  • Master basic three and four thread serged overlock stitches, plus a serged rolled edge. Nancys details how to set up, thread, and adjust a serger, then demonstrates stitching seams, turning corners, "reverse stitching" and troubleshooting. She shows how to use 3-and 4- thread overlock stitches and serged rolled edges for both utilitatian and decorative purposes.
  • Use versatile flatlock, cover, and chain stitches to add interest andcreativity to serged projects. Nancy begins by showing how to adjust a serger for flatlocking, then illustrates several decorative uses for this stitch. She also discusses how to serge and troubleshoot a cover stitchthen presents options for combining overlock and coverlock stitches
  • Use serger accessory feet and attachments to give your serging great pizzazz. Serger expert Margaret Tully joins Nancy in showing exciting effects that can be created using a Serger Cording Foot, Ruffler Foot, Belt Loop Attachment, and Down Turned Feller Foot.
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