Ultimate Embroidery Needle Set

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High speed machine embroidery needles. Don't hesitate to experiment and test needles on various fabrics and threads to get the best stitching results.
Variety Pack; 30 total needles
  • Klasse Embroidery Needles Size 75/11 and 90/14
    • Use to machine embroider on lightweight to medium weight knit and woven fabrics
    • Use with rayon threads
  • Klasse Metallic Needles Size 80/12 and 90
    • The large, specially coated eye accommodates specialty thread flow at all stitch speeds while a large groove in the shaft prevents thread breaks
    • Fits any front to back threading machine
  • Organ Titanium Needles Size 11
    • Specially made to withstand the heat and friction generated from dense embroidery designs
    • Titanium coating makes these needles more durable than standard needles
    • Resists the adhesives that are so often used in machine embroidery
    • Enjoy smooth stitching without fraying threads
    • Less thread breakage
    • Less down time during sewing
    • Less down time rethreading machine caused by thread breakage
    • Less cost due to replacing needles
    • The gold color makes them easy to distinguish among your other needles
  • Set includes:
    • 1 pack (5 total) Size 75/11 Embroidery Needles
    • 1 pack (5 total) Size 90/14 Embroidery Needles
    • 1 pack (5 total) Size 80/12 Metallic Needles
    • 1 pack (5 total) Size 90//14 Metallic Needles
    • 1 pack (10 total) Size 75/11 Titanium Needles
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