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Ultimate Klasse Needle Set and Guide

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Never run out of needles with the Ultimate Klasse Needle Set and Guide. Begin each project with a new needle and learn just which one will work best with this set of nineteen packages of needles and guide to picking the right needle for the job.


  • Sewing Machine Needle Selector Guide
    • This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the uses and benefits of different needles from the most basic to specialty needles crafted for particular fabrics. You'll never be scratching your head in the needle aisle again
    • This indispensable book covers everything you need to know about sewing machine needles:
    • Learn the anatomy of needles and each part's special purpose
    • Get savvy tips for purchasing needles customized to your projects
    • Understand sizing, weights, and how stitches are formed
    • Get in-depth information on over a dozen needle types and their specific advantages
    • Full-color photographs and diagrams
    • Softcover, 10 pages
  • 19 packages of needles:
    • Klasse Universal Needle 90/14 (6 needles)
    • Klasse Universal Needle 80/12 (6 needles)
    • Klasse Universal Needle Assortment (6 needles)
    • KlasseTitanium Universal Needle 75/11 (4 needles)
    • Klasse Embroidery Needle 75/11 (6 needles)                                              
    • Klasse Embroidery Needle 90/14 (6 needles)
    • Klasse Quilting Needle75/11 (6 needles)    
    • Klasse Quilting Needle 90/14 (6 needles)
    • Klasse Twin Universal Needle 1.6mm/80 (1 needle)
    • Klasse Twin Universal Needle 3.0mm/80 (1 needle)
    • Klasse Twin Universal Needle 6.0mm/100 (1 needle)
    • Klasse Ballpoint Needle Assortment (6 needles)
    • Klasse Leather Needle Assortment (6 needles)
    • Klasse Leather Needle Assortment (6 needles)
    • Klasse Jeans Needle 90/14 (6 needles)
    • Klasse Jeans Needle Assortment (6 needles)
    • Klasse Sharp Needle Assortment (6 needles)
    • Klasse Sharp Needle 80/12 (6 needles)
    • Klasse Metallic Needle Assortment (6 needles)

Additional information: 

  • Superb color shank system--color coated needles for easy identification so you will always know what style of needle you are sewing with
  • Plus, shanks are stamped with the needle size in both metric and imperial measurements
  • Sewing machine needles manufactured to a higher standard
  • So easy to store and use--needles come in a consumer-friendly pack that is a super lightweight one-piece design with a unique flip-top and sit function
  • Needles will simply slide in and out as required
  • This new pack is a world-first and cuts down on single-use plastic packaging, while keeping needles safe, secure, and ready to use
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